I came across this promo for Black Friday sale from Domo Music Groups yesterday while googling “Kitaro”. I have been Kitaro”s fan ever since I first saw his “Kojiki – Matsuri” performance on TV during early 90s. I found his new age genre really hit the spot in my musical universe. Domo Records (http://www.domomusicgroup.com) has been Kitaro”s record label since late 70s. I found this sale would be the best deal that Kitaro”s fan can find. For fans, seeing remastered Kitaro legacy performances and new releases is like a dream come true.

However, be sure to take this good opportunity before Nov 29 to add their music into your collections before the offer is gone. Please remember that you may have to take into account the shipping from Japan and applicable import/duty tax. You may want to read their shipping info in their store section. (Be mindful that their merchandise section is actually fulfilled by different provider though). I will give you review for Kitaro”s new releases in next opportunity. In the meantime, please enjoy the promo if you could.

I also found other new age musicians under Domo Records label. I am yet to check out other musicians since I was too focus on Kitaro, however I found this album by LUNA is quite good.


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