Today, I had a privilege of tasting this root beer which is made in Australia. And it was awesome. I felt like I just tasted something that I have not tried for a very long time. Bundaberg Root Beer has the taste that I have been looking for almost my life time. Its taste is the closest of what I could remember when I drank a root beer that tasted this good.

It uses real cane sugar and some spices. When I read the composition of the spices on the bottle, I was mesmerized by the richness of the spices used to make this root beer. It is very different than regular root beers that you can find on the shelves of supermarkets here in USA. It is not very sweet and has bold flavor of Sarsaparilla, Molasses, Ginger, Licorice, Vanilla, and some other spices. It is quite bold but also tastes quite smooth. The carbonated drink does have some kick when you first drink it after the bottle was opened but on my last serving of the first bottle, the fizzle seemed to dissipate a little. Worried that the gas would be gone, I took the last gulp right away.

The design of the bottle might cause people to think it is a medicine bottle from the old age. The top of the bottle has a cap with an opener attached to it. It is a unique design that I am yet to see it in other brands. I can’t keep my eyes staring at it, despite the bottle is empty.

Its taste is so good and I, without shame, asked for second. It is really good when served with ice cubes and drank from a wine glass. Drinking it straight from the bottle seem a bit weird since I would feel like I am drinking a medicine.

Price wise, this drink is somewhat in what I consider as “eco-premium” since it is much higher than what local root beers’ price but it is still affordable and worth it. I definitely will get the pack of 12 bottles soon. My friend recommended me to try their Ginger Beer. I checked out the Bundaberg’s website and found out they have some other products too. I can’t wait to try them all.

Bundaberg’s official website:

Bundaberg’s Root Beer info:


Amazon has the 12 bottles pack:

 Or if you want to just get the 4 bottles pack:


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