WARNING: This article is only meant for ADULT readers. If you are under-age, this is not for you.

I have been going to Korean restaurants countless time but yet to try Korean Soju until recently. The reason being is I have low tolerant on anything Alcoholic beverages. The most that I can take is just a glass of beer or a quarter glass of wine. To drink more than that would cause me to suffer some weird stuffs (one time I lost my hearing briefly). Also just a caution that any alcoholic beverages consumption may have a negative effect on your health. And yet that did not deter me to try something new. I tried few varieties of Japanese Sake, local and imported wines, also some of local, German and Japanese beers.

And this time around, I took opportunity to try the famous Korean Soju: Lotte Chum Churum. According to Wikipedia, “Chum Churum” (hangul: 처음처럼) means “Like the first time” in Korean language (note: I don’t speak Korean much at the time of writing this article but I’m in the middle of learning).

I saw many posters of Chum Churum ads (which often features famous Korean singers or actresses with some intriguing fashion). I did not know it was made by Lotte Spirit (Somehow I have difficulties to access their website: http://www.lotteliquor.com

I did not have big expectation before tasting Chum Churum for the first time. I chose the Peach flavor of Chum Churum since its alcohol content is not much (about 14%). To my surprise, its flavor was quite bold. The nice fragrant of peach can be felt while drinking it. The after taste leaves a pleasant, sweet and smooth aroma, making you want to take another gulp. It is best to drink it  when it’s served cold or with ice. It is a very soothing refreshment during summer time. I was worried that it might cause my chest and cheeks to suffer from the heat generated by the alcohol but it didn’t cause any of those (your experience may vary). After few minutes, the alcohol kicks in but I do not get drunk much since I only took few gulps of Chum Churum. For me, this is easier to handle than Sake (16 – 20% alcohol) but a bit heavier than Japanese beers which usually only have about 5% alcohol content.

Satisfied with Peach flavor, few days later I tried the Apple flavor of Chum Churum. From the label on the bottle, I kinda guessed the “Apple” flavor is referring to green apple flavor. My guess was correct. The taste is somewhat similar to eating sour granny smith apple but with hint of sweetness. The aroma is quite nice but I think Peach flavor is probably more favorable for most people. I do wish they have the Red Delicious or Fuji Apples flavor though. The apple flavor of this Chum Churum is crispier than the Peach flavor. The after taste is a bit stronger but not much. Perhaps next time I should try the Yuzu citrus flavor.

I found this website has a very detailed info about Chum Churum and its varieties of flavors. You may want to check it out:



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