This review is for Sangaria brand’s Ramu drinks which are different than Shirakiku brand’s Ramune drinks. I have tried Shirakiku’s Ramune drinks few times before. Of course this article is not for those who worry about drinking soft drinks (Just for a disclosure: I am not affiliated with any brands mentioned in this article – at least at the time when I am writing this post). While their bottles are unique, I found it’s heavy and a bit difficult to open. Regardless that, I still found their drinks refreshing. And then enter Sangaria Ramu Bottle carbonated soft drinks. I came across this during my lunch at a Ramen restaurant in Bellevue, WA. The owner of the restaurant said the drink is famous in Japan. My curiosity brought me the Melon flavor one. On the bottle, I saw “Naturally Flavored” and “Made with Real Sugar” signs. It also said the drink is imported by SANGARIA USA Inc in Torrance, CA from Japan.

Its taste is quite good. It reminded me of my recent trip to Hokkaido, Japan. In fact, I love Melon flavored drinks (second rank after Grape flavored ones). The bottle contains about 480 ml which is almost half a liter.  I couldn’t finish the drink so I brought it home. Somehow I forgot to take it out from my car for two days. Despite being left in the car, the bottle did a good job on keeping the gas (this is a carbonated soft drink) inside. If I have to compare this with Ramune drinks by Shirakiku, perhaps I would choose Sangaria. However, Shirakiku Ramune has much broader set of flavors than Sangaria (I will post review for Shirakiku Ramune later). I found it’s a bit difficult to find it here in eastside area of Seattle. I probably have to go to Japanese or Asian stores to find them.

Sangaria USA official website for their soft drinks:

Sangaria Japan official website:


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