WARNING: This product contains Aspartame which has Phenylalanine.

Bubble Gums have been around since old age. However, not until recently that Hershey’s introduced Ice Breakers ICE CUBES sugar free gum around 2008 which kind of a league of its own. The shape of the gum is, as the name says, cube. The ICE seems to represent the Xylitol which is sprinkled in the gum that give you a sensation of eating ice cubes. You can taste the burst of bold fruity (for the fruity flavors) and Xylitol melts in your mouth while chewing the gum for quite a long time.

The first ICE CUBES that I tried was the Grape flavor. It immediately won my heart over since the grape flavor and xylitol combination is really what I have been looking for. Eating ordinary bubble gums seem to taste, well, ordinary after getting hooked on ICE CUBES.

So far I have also tried the Bubble Breeze, Arctic Grape, Strawberry Smoothie and Kiwi Watermelon. I think Grape flavor still reigns supreme in my opinion. I have yet to try other flavors. Bubble Breeze seems to be the weirdest one and I don’t recommend that one for first timers. I will update this post once I get to try the other flavors and will share my opinion.

The content of ICE CUBES packaging is 40 cube pieces. During my trip to Oregon beach from Seattle, I spent almost half the bottle for the total of 8+ hours driving. It is a very long lasting bubble gum. Previously my best road trip’s friend was Ice breakers Duo and Sours. But ICE CUBES is now my primary companion during long driving. I really like the design of two ways opening in Ice breakers products. The small opening is for getting just one or two pieces and the large opening will be handy if you want to get the pieces by one handed operation without distracting you from your activity. Did I mention the ICE CUBES bottle fits the car’s cup-holder?

I found Walmart carries the best price which I found it by accident as I took a detour on the way back to Seattle in order to avoid the traffic jam near Tacoma. For less than $3 per bottle (other retailers may sell it for $4 – $5+), that means it’s about 7.5 cents per piece. I am looking forward to enjoying more flavors of IceBreakers Ice Cubes soon.


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