I got this Tintin’s merchandise from someone whom I knew at work few years ago. He bought it from Tintin UK Store as a present for me as he knew that I was a long time Tintin’s fans.

The package of this Tintin Rocket deserves a good attention as it is a very well made thick paper-based blue cylinder with some drawings of Tintin’s characters. The rocket itself is made from Resin. The one that I got is a 30cm model of Tintin’s Rocket which is famously shown at the “Destination Moon” and “Explorers on the Moon” volumes of Tintin Comics series. The rocket has its permanent place at my study desk now. The white and red colors of the rocket is really bold and the shape of the rocket is unique and could immediately tells people (Tintin’s fans) that it is from Tintin’s Comics series.

When I looked at the website of Tintin’s store (there are few of them in different countries), I was surprised by the price. In UK (Tintin UK Store), it is currently 110 Poundsterling. In Belgium (La Boutique Tintin), it is 129 Euro. I would consider that as a premium price but as a big Tintin’s fans, one might consider that cost as cheap since this merchandise is worth to be acquired into your Tintin’s collection. Just for a note, I do not receive anything from Tintin’s store to write this article. This is purely just a visit back to my sweet memory of getting this precious item.

Tintin’s UK Store:

Tintin’s Belgium Store:

They also have the Lunar pack which consists of (I recommend this if you haven’t gotten any of the mentioned item below yet):

  • Tintin rocket 30 cm
  • Keyring Tintin rocket
  • Tintin book postcards Destination Moon
  • Tintin book postcards Explorers on the Moon
  • Moon box set


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