This movie is rated PG – for thematic elements and some peril.


Movies about dogs are always finding their spot in family. Our family doesn’t have a dog (yet) and my toddler son is eager now to have a dog after watching this movie. I had no idea that this movie was about except the title. Turns out the movie’s meaning is a lot deeper. And it tells about reincarnation. That might be hard for those who don’t believe on such thing. However, as someone who grew up among Buddhist community when I was a kid, I understand and it really makes one wonders if we could remember our past lives (however vaguely it is).

The movie will give you a roller coaster ride of emotion but will grant you a happy ending (mostly) if one considers when the dog finally found his master again is the final ending since for each of five reincarnations that the dog had to go through, each has its own ending (sad or good ending). As an adult, what really tickled me was the first reincarnation part. I thought the movie was about to end (I had no idea the movie was about reincarnations of a dog). It is fascinating that several different dogs play their parts in the movie. Each reincarnation gives different nuance to the “journey” of the dog. Among the dogs, I love the first dog which was a golden retriever.

I was a bit upset to see the low ratings that were given to this movie by several review sites. It seems many movie critics were unable to see beyond the technical aspects of the movie. However as general audience, our family appreciates the value of this movie and enjoyed the final result of what message that this movie was trying to deliver. Those critics who gave low ratings are just not easy to please. I wonder if they really love dogs. Anyway, those are my rants. I gave this movie an A for beautiful story, awesome dogs, nice music, fantastic shots and acts by the actors, actresses and the dogs and the warm and cozy voice by Josh Gad. It is the ultimate family movie for this early 2017. Families have thirst of this genre of movie. Please keep it coming.

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