WARNING: This movie is rated PG13.


This movie stole our attention, not because of the casts which were superb, but because of the story. Living in a neighborhood in Eastside of Seattle area where many parents (mostly Asian) were “competing” to promote their kids into gifted-program enrollments, this movie indeed gave a stark contrast of what many would think all parents will be proud if their kids become the so-called gifted kids. Having a real gifted kid may have some pros and cons for the family.

This movie is trying to deliver the message that two opposing sides may give ultimate blow to the family when the kid’s future is being dictated by the two forces: one wants the extreme of the education and well-being, the other tries to “downgrade” the gifted kid to become a “normal” kid so he/she can have a normal life like other kids of his/her age. Each has their own reasoning points, however they missed one important thing: what the kid really wants. It’s not always what parents want but they should consider what the kid actually wants.

Parents might get easily trapped in the stereotype and illusion that being a gifted kid will ensure the success of kid’s future and life. I don’t consider myself as gifted kid when I was young but I had my own experience as someone who had to enter school a year early than other kids of my age and believe me that was not a pleasant experience. It made me as a socially ackward kid who felt out of place and had to taste 5 different elementary schools before entering middle school. Thank God I did not skip middle school since it was the time when my inner potential was groomed. I am really grateful that the school and its environment were very supportive to my growth and I enjoyed the slower pace of study.

About the main actor (Chris Evans), I had no idea he was actually the guy who plays Captain America movie since he looks so different in this movie (with the beard and cool fatherly figure, if not sexy. At least that’s what the movie is trying to picture him). His performance is somewhat got overshadowed by excellence of McKenna Grace. She is adorable and plays brightly in this movie. I can’t stop my tears upon watching the scene when she was to be separated from the only person that she grew up with: her uncle (played by Chris). As for an overall, this is quite an entertaining movie. Perhaps the only annoyance to me is few unnecessary scenes in the movie made this movie a bit unsuitable to be watch with under-age kids, making us uncomfortable when suddenly we were presented with unexpected scenes. If I knew beforehand, I probably would do a little censorship since I thought this movie was “safe” for our kid to watch together. I really don’t know what the movie producer thinks by including such unsafe scenes. That’s probably why this movie is given a PG13 rating (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_Picture_Association_of_America_film_rating_system).

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