I was going to watch this movie during my return flight from my recent Spring travel but I guess I was too tired to do it. I did not know the main actor was Michael Keaton (The Makeup artists did a great job). But from the poster, I recognized this must be some kind of documentary about McDonald’s. Before watching this movie, I only had little recollection about how McDonald’s history is. The Ray Kroc’s unusual name indeed rang the bell in my mind. McDonald’s has special place in my early life during my college years. I was going to celebrate my birthday with my coworkers and somehow I picked McDonald’s because I really wanted to taste their BigMac for the first time in my life. However, at that time I could not afford it after I realized the total price exceeded my allowance. One of my coworkers (BFF) told everyone to chip in for the bill so that everyone of us can enjoy lunch at McDonald’s. I almost couldn’t believe the reaction from my coworkers. I ate my first BigMac with teary eyes.

Back to the movie, the opening seemed to be slow as it was trying to reconstruct the life of Ray Kroc before he met the McDonald brothers. Then the movie moved to faster pace and the story became more interesting. Little by little I learned about things that I never knew about McDonald’s history. If I were to be put in Ray’s shoes at that time, perhaps I would do the same. However, I believe Ray’s fortune also came not only because he persevered but his efforts attracted many good talented people which contributed to his success. The movie also shows some of his flaws but his strong characters somehow made those flaws into things that kinda gave him the supports that he needed. I don’t judge people by their personal life but I do know everyone has their own flaws. It is up to them on how they turn their weakness into their strength. For the technical aspects of this movie, you can read them on Wikipedia.

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