I came across this movie after seeing it on NHK World news. This movie got Academy Award’s Best Animated Feature and some other awards from Cannes Film Festival, etc. A very well reception on this movie, convinced me to look for it.

The movie runs for 80 minutes, but toward the end of movie, you might feel that it is too short. However, that is what this movie is all about. Human’s life is quite short (Note: According to Guinness Book of World Record, Sea Turtles have the longest life span of 152 years. But I think the red turtles in this movie is some kind of mythical turtles).

I was stunned by the animation’s level of details and yet it looks so minimalist, very distinct from most of Studio Ghibli’s style. With minimum dialogs (or its absence entirely if talking in general), this movie seems to rely on audience’s ability to capture the message via the stunning visual sequences. You may laugh, cry, angry and smile again during the show. The ending is somewhat bitter sweet but that seems to summarize the life itself. As a parent myself, the movie seems to make me to look at my toddler son at a different angle now. Watching this movie will give you a new perspective of our life. It is almost like an animated zen. It quenched my thirst of this kind of movie’s genre that has been in a drought for quite a while. It is a true masterpiece of animated movie.

If you are looking for general info, you might want to read it here:

Amazon has the bluray which was released at beginning of May 2017:

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Official trailer:


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