My first encounter with Michael Gettel‘s NewAge music was during my chiropractor appointment in Bellevue, WA in 1999. I was waiting for my session when I listened to a very comforting music. For few minutes of listening to music, I briefly did not feel any pain from my back since my mind was too tuned into that music. I did not know the name of the musician in that music but I was determined to find out who that was. Turns out the music was actually played from a radio station and at the end of the music, I heard the name being mentioned: Michael Gettel.

With that name, I went to the nearest Barnes & Noble store to find the CD of that music by Michael Gettel. I found few CDs from the musician but I still need to pick the right album. Turns out the music came from his 7th album called “The Art of Nature : Reflections on the Grand Design” and the song that I heard was the second song from the album, which was called: “When All is Quiet (She Dreams of Horses)”. From the headphone, I could hear more clearly the beautiful piano accompaniment and the mesmerizing voice from the song. It has the feel of American Native Indian music and it is very relaxing.

Even until now (2017), which is almost two decades after I first listened to his music, I am still longing to hear that music again and again, whenever I need to calm myself or take a detour from my busy mind. Besides that song, there are few other tracks that I like and have special place in my mind. The first track is “Light on the Land” which has beautiful flute-like music and it could energize you in the morning or whenever you feel you need some kind of good spiritual support. “Watershed” (3rd track) is also deserved a good listening. It is a rather faster rhythm than other songs however. “Solace” may give you some comforts like the second song.

Michael Gettel’s style of music is very distinct than many New Age musicians out there. Unfortunately he is no longer producing any new album (Per Wikipedia article, he is now teaching music in Seattle). I do hope he could produce another album (perhaps The Art of Nature 2?) I owned this album along with few other of his albums: San Juan Suite (I and II), The Key, Skywatching, Return, Places in Time, The Journey North. I am yet to get the remaining of his albums but so far, I really like “The Art of Nature” album as I personally consider that as his best album (other folks may favor San Juan Suite albums which I also like).

Amazon has this album CD or you can buy just certain songs that you like from the album:


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