Recently GeeksMaga has acquired some Samsung Powerbot Vacuum Cleaner robots, which in terms of our Geeks level is an A level!

As time goes by, we will post few updates on our experience of using these robots in our daily life.


Samsung Powerbots came with very neat packaging. The feeling when we first opened up the package was almost like the same feeling when we opened up our first iPhone!


For beginner like us, setting up these robots required us to read the manual several times. We met a huge problem when trying to connect the robots with our home wifi. This problem apparently were already reported quite a lot when we searched about similar issue over the internet. For less-tech savvy users, this particular problem has been a big factor of people became so frustrated and ended up giving up and returning the products.

First Usage

This is the fun part of this.


Most people don’t like cleaning up. However I found cleaning Samsung Powerbots is quite easy and not much of a hassle.


The outcome of Samsung Powerbots’ cleaning may vary among the layout of the house floor, flooring types, and other factors.


With our first experience of using Samsung Powerbot Vacuum Cleaner Robots, we found this product has a lot of potential and room for improvement.


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